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The Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food - 翻译中...

Freeze-dried dog food isn't just a novelty, but it's also made using the same techniques used to prepare food for space travel - by removing water, the food weighs less and takes up less space.

1.There are Many Benefits to Freeze-Dried Dog Food

High-quality ingredients. A freeze-dried diet usually consists of an impressive array of ingredients, including muscles, organs, and shredded bones (some also include freeze-dried fruits and vegetables). Most also have no artificial additives.

Unprocessed diet options. Many freeze-dried breeders began to do so rather than providing a primitive diet. Raw foods are difficult to assemble and prepare and are laborious, but freeze-dried foods are often as easy as coarse-ground foods.

Long shelf life. Also, the shelf life of Freeze Dried Pet Food is often ridiculous, which makes it easy to hold on to in an emergency. For example, if you find yourself snowing for a week or living in a hurricane-prone area, you won't run out of dog food because the grocery store will be completely empty every time a hurricane threatens.

Dogs only like frozen food. Among other things, most dogs find freeze-dried foods to be mouth-watering. In fact, some people use them as health (if calorific) remedy.

Pet Food Supplier notes that some dogs produce much less waste when they switch to a freeze-dried diet because they usually have less fiber than typical roughened food. More food is converted into new tissue and energy.

2.What are the Disadvantages of Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried foods such as freeze dog food have two main disadvantages. For some owners, they can be deal-breakers, while others are willing to ignore the negatives. We will discuss this below.

Frozen Food is Expensive.

The single biggest problem with freeze-dried foods (and to a lesser extent, dehydrated foods) is their cost - every product on the market is very expensive compared to dry (cooked) rough grinding.

However, it's important to remember that most dehydrated foods inflate three to five times their original size once they are rehydrated. Therefore, you don't throw them away in their small packages.

Because freeze-dried dog food such as freeze dried chicken dog food can be expensive, many owners end up using it as a "top hat" by eating it with other, more affordable foods. Please note that some manufacturers discourage this use, so be sure to refer to the feeding instructions before using food in this manner.

Freeze-Dried (raw) Food may be Contaminated with Bacteria.

Raw meat is often contaminated with bacteria that can make you or your pet sick. That's part of the reason humans cook food - it keeps us healthy.

Broadly speaking, dogs do not appear to be fairly susceptible to illness, resulting in bacteria for humans. But they still get sick from time to time after eating raw meat.

As a result, raw meat contained in some freeze-dried foods may cause illness in some dogs.

Indeed, freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from a piece of meat, thereby slowing the rate at which bacteria can multiply. This may make some freeze-dried foods safer than completely unprocessed raw foods. But once water is poured over the dog's freeze-dried dinner, the bacteria begin to breed again.

3.Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried foods are not heated at any time during the manufacturing process.

The freeze-drying process begins with frozen food, which is then placed in large machines to reduce atmospheric pressure around the food. This causes the water to sublimate (change directly from ice to gas) and diffuse out of the food.

This means that freeze-dried foods are never cooked at all, a fact that many raw feeders appreciate very much.

In addition, because the structure of the food remains largely intact (except in contractions), the ingredients still resemble their original shape. This makes it easy to look at peas, for example, and know exactly what they are.

Freeze-Dried Food

4.What to Look for in Freeze-Dried Food

In any Nutritious Dog Food Treats, whether freeze-dried or otherwise, there are many properties to look for. In addition, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when considering switching.

The best freeze-dried foods are characterized by their high content of omega fatty acids. Some of the most common ingredients used in this way include salmon and flaxseed, as well as various vegetable fats, fish oils, and fish meal.

Most freeze-dried foods are mainly made up of meat and minerals, but many of the best diets also include antioxidants and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Some of the most common examples include cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, spinach, parsley, and carrots.

Although freeze-dried foods are rarely a problem, be sure to avoid any foods that contain artificial colors, flavors, or additives. These types of ingredients not only invalidate many of the reasons for eating raw food, but are simply unnecessary.

Avoid low quality, economical products just to save a few dollars. When buying expensive, high-quality dog food, price is always an important consideration, and it makes sense to save a few dollars whenever possible. But frozen food can be dangerous when it's cheap. One way manufacturers can try to cut costs is to use cheap packaging - if the packaging doesn't stay airtight, moisture can seep in, causing bacteria to grow.

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