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Freeze Dried Pet Food Opens a New Field: Ranova is the First Signal - 翻译中...

1. Freeze dried pet food is popular in overseas markets, which is the emerging blue ocean on the rise

Freeze-drying technology began in the early 20th century, when the purpose of research and development was to allow astronauts to eat fresh and nutritious food even in space.

After years of intensive research and development by scientists, this top food processing technology, "freeze-drying technology" was born in the 1940s, and then widely used in the aerospace field of Russia, the United States and other countries, so it is also known as aerospace freeze-drying technology (FD).

Before the advent of freeze dried pet food, pet food on the market was mainly made by heating and baking. This process caused both the original flavor of the food and a large amount of nutrition to be lost.

In order to meet the increasingly high requirements of pet food, the "freeze-drying process", which is used in aerospace, medicine, beauty and human food, is also used in pet food production.

Freeze-drying technology can make pet food retain high nutritional value and maintain the original flavor of the ingredients. Once freeze dried pet food was launched, it quickly became popular among pet owners in developed countries and opened up a blue ocean market in the world.

In 2016, in the Petfood industry magazine in the United States, experts in the pet food industry made a summary and forecast of the future trend of the pet food industry:

In the past few years, types of pet food like freeze dried pet food, raw food and fresh pet food have become more and more important. The growth rate of high-end pet food is twice that of the past 10 years, and freeze dried pet food has maintained a continuous growth trend.

In 2014, the annual growth rate of the freeze-drying market was 22.5%. By 2015, this number had jumped to 62.7%, and its total market share reached 195.4 million U.S. dollars. By 2016, the amount exceeded 229 million U.S. dollars.

2. How is freeze dried pet food made: revealing the freeze-drying process technology

Freeze-drying technology is a process of dehydrating food in an extremely low temperature environment under vacuum. The water will be directly converted from solid to gas, and there is no need for sublimation to transform it into an intermediate liquid state.

In this process, the product will maintain its original size and shape, the smallest cells will be broken, and the moisture will be removed to prevent the freeze dried pet food from spoiling at room temperature.

The freeze dried product has the same size and shape as the original frozen material, has good stability, and can be rebuilt and restored when placed in water. When the freeze-drying process is applied to pet food, its nutritional value can be retained to the greatest extent, and its color, taste, volume, texture and the quality are not much different with that of food raw materials.

In recent years, the development of freeze dried pet food has also attracted the attention of Chinese freeze dried pet food manufacturers, and Ranova is one of the pioneers. According to the perception of pet owners in China, the pet industry is developing slowly, and safety standards of pet food are not high, but the emergence of freeze dried products has brought surprises to consumers.

Therefore, when a high-end freeze dried pet food comes to them, the appeal can be imagined. The launch of Ranova's freeze dried pet food immediately attracted the attention of many pet friends, and was sought after by many pet owners who pursue pure natural and healthy pet food.

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