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The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Cat and Dog Treats - 翻译中...

Dog and cat treats are made in several ways. Freeze-dried cat and dog treats are actually cooked to remove all moisture. The resulting product is light and dry. Then wrap it in an airtight wrapper and open it only after you've fed your pet. Freeze-dried treats have an extremely stable shelf life, which means they can be stored for a longer period of time. Dogs also find freeze-dried food attractive. It is sometimes recommended for dogs with poor appetite (such as superior dogs or dogs with chronic diseases). Freeze-drying helps retain the most nutrients.

On the other hand, air-drying pet treats involve air-drying at low temperatures to remove water from the food by evaporation. Air drying is a natural way of preserving food without the use of any artificial preservatives. The process also retains a lot of nutrients, which means it's healthier than heated, dehydrated dog food. Air-dried dog food does not require refrigeration. It's actually like rough grinding, but the nutritional benefits are closer to a raw diet.

Freeze Dried Cat Treats and Dog Treats

Freeze dried cat treats are not new to the pet treat industry. But these products are just beginning to become more important among dog and cat owners. Here are some of the benefits that make freeze-dried treats so popular:

  • The freeze-drying process is actually a preservative technology, so no chemical preservatives or additives are added to the product.

  • Given the risks associated with any ingredient, most freeze-dried treats contain the least amount of ingredients, which can have a big impact on allergic dogs.

  • While not all freeze-dried treats contain raw meat, those do contain more nutrients. Many dog treats on the market are dehydrated during processing, and the high-calorie content removes most of the nutrients.

  • Freeze-drying snacks offer a higher cost performance because the freeze-drying process significantly reduces the weight and size of treats.

  • Freeze-dried treats are an excellent source of protein.

  • These treats do not need to be refrigerated, so they are easy to store.

  • Freeze-dried treats are easy to feed because they are highly portable and do not cause confusion.

Freeze Dried Dog Food Recipe

Freeze-drying is a process that involves only the removal of moisture from the product. First, the food is "quick-frozen" and subjected to extremely low temperatures. This process helps maintain body integrity and nutrition. Next, moisture or water is removed by sublimation. This is a vacuum process in which heat is added, so that water evaporates. The sublimation process removes about 95 percent of the water. The remaining water is removed by a final process called secondary drying (absorption).

Freeze-dried Food

Freeze Dried Liver Treats

The freeze-dried liver treat is a popular treat for dogs. But, according to Peter Tobias of DVM, "dehydrated liver (freeze-dried liver) is harmless in small amounts but toxic when taken regularly. " Excessive consumption of liver treats has been linked to vitamin A hypervitaminosis or so-called liver poisoning. So, remember to keep pets in moderation!

Is Freeze Dried Raw Food Good for Dogs?

A dog or cat's raw diet consists of feeding the dog or cat raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables. It is an effort to replicate the normal diet of its ancestors. However, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The potential benefits of a raw diet include healthier skin and outer skin, cleaner teeth, smaller feces, and higher energy levels. However, it is not without potential risks, as an unbalanced diet can have a negative impact on your pet's health, especially if eaten over a long period of time. The potential threat of bacterial contamination in raw meat could also pose a threat to humans and pets. The entire skeleton may pose a choking hazard or may block the passage of the gastrointestinal tract.

Unlike freeze dried pet food, raw dog food is uncooked and unprocessed, meaning it is in its natural state. It's fresh. Freeze-drying, on the other hand, is a three-step process that can destroy or remove some nutrients. The process involves the freezing stage, the sublimation stage (primary drying), and the absorption stage (secondary drying). Most of the companies that make freeze-dried food for pets also conduct rigorous quality checks to make sure there are no harmful bacteria - something that is hard to spot in raw dog food.

In addition, freeze-dried pet food is nutritionally superior to dehydrated pet food because freezing before drying keeps proteins, vitamins, and minerals intact.

Are Freeze Dried Dog Treats Safe?

Freeze dried dog training treats are not only attractive and nutritious but can also be safely fed to pets. The process is designed to ensure the elimination of harmful bacteria.

Is Freeze Dried Raw Dog or Cat Food Safe?

The safety and hygiene of freeze-dried raw dog food are problematic. The truth is, the bacteria present in the raw meat diet may also be resistant to freezing and freeze-drying. But brands such as raw pet food test each batch of the finished product to see if they are negative for certain disease-causing bacteria before they are sold.

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