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Pet Snack - Is Freeze-Dried Quail Reliable? - 翻译中...

Freeze-Dried Quail

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to feed cats with freeze-dried pet food, and we can see people feeding cats and dogs with freeze-dried quail, so is freeze-dried quail good?

Freeze-dried quail is rich in nutrients, high in protein and low in fat. The amino acid content is the highest in white meat. Quail is known as "animal ginseng".

Similarly, the young quails, which are rich in amino acids, are better for cats to eat. Freeze-dried quails are crunchy and chewy, keeping the whole quail intact. Its internal organs are preserved and nutrients are not lost, which is good news for obese cats. Low fat and cholesterol can help cats lose weight.

What is Freeze Dried Quail?

Quail is a small bird. Fresh quail meat is chewier. After being freeze-dried, the quail will taste crispier. The bones in the freeze dried quail have not been taken out, so the cat can enjoy the behavior of biting the meat from the skeleton.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Quail

1. Freeze-dried quails taste crispy and delicious. Many cats like to eat it. The bones of the freeze-dried quail have not yet been removed, so the cat can enjoy the act of biting off the bone while eating. Freeze-dried quails are more fun to eat than processed raw meat.

2. Freeze-dried quail not only tastes good, but is also rich in nutrients, making it a good choice as a supplementary feed. Fresh quail itself, as a high-quality pet food, contains amino acids and is relatively low in fat. Lyophilized meat retains these advantages and still has the advantage of crispiness.

3. Convenience should also be a reference when considering a cat's food choices. While cats love some snacks, they can be cumbersome to make or inconvenient to store. Cat owners should choose more convenient cat food, such as freeze-dried quail, which can be stored well.

Lyophilization Is Short for Vacuum Freeze Drying

Freeze-dried quail is to freeze the newly hatched quail in a vacuum environment at -40°C, so that the water is sublimated to dryness. It is made by freeze-drying technology, which can retain the nutrients in fresh meat to a great extent. Although the degree of hatching is different, the feathers of each quail are very small and will not affect its taste and nutrition.

What should I Pay Attention to When Feeding Freeze Dried Quail Treats?

Although freeze-dried quail, as a kind of freeze dried raw meat, has many benefits, not all cats are suitable for eating freeze-dried quail.

First of all, it is not recommended to feed freeze-dried quails to kittens less than three months of age, because the kittens' digestive systems are not yet well developed and are not suitable for eating meat. We should wait until the kittens are three months old before we feed them with freeze-dried quails. Secondly, for cats with weak intestines and stomach, such as the muppet cat, you can remove the head of the freeze-dried small quail, break the rest of the body to feed, to prevent the head of the freeze-dried quail is too hard to injury the mouth of a cat.

In addition, it is best not to give your cat a large amount of Ranova freeze dried pet food for the first time. If your cat has never been freeze-dried before, it needs to undergo an adjustment process so that your cat's stomach can get used to freeze dried quail.

Finally, feeding freeze-dried quail cannot be used as a staple food for cats, because quail lacks some nutrients such as vitamins and taurine that cats need. And if the cat eats too much quail treats at one time, indigestion will lead to soft stools.

How to Feed Quail Treats?

1. Feeding directly. This is also the favorite way for cats to eat freeze-dried quail, which can feel the crispness of small quail to the greatest extent.

2. Soaking in water. Some cats have a tender mouth. In order to protect the cat's mouth from being scratched by the bones of the quail, soak the freeze-dried quail in water and feed it to the cat. The softened freeze-dried quail is safer; it can also indirectly increase the cat's drinking water when eating and add water to prevent cats from urinary diseases.

3. As a nutritious food, add it to cat food. Freeze-dried quail has good meat quality, high nutrition, and strong palatability. One or two small quails can be added to the cat food during the food exchange period to make the cat more receptive to the new cat food.

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